David and the Heart of Aurasius

Book One coverBook One in the World of Esmorde series

Book One introduces us to David Flynn, an insignificant only child with dark blonde hair and a smattering of freckles across his nose. David hates being small. He hates being shy. And when his parents take him to stay with his loopy Grandma out in the middle of nowhere, he hates being David…

But things at Grandma’s might not be as dull as they seem. Following a mischievous lorikeet deep into the bush, David finds a magical glowing Doorway, and suddenly his life-long wish for adventure becomes more real than he could have hoped. As soon as David steps through the ancient Door it falls to pieces, and he finds himself trapped in Esmorde – a world of magic, mythical creatures and barbarian warriors. He soon learns of the dragon sorcerer Aurasius’ terrible legacy, the Curse to End the World, that will eventually turn every living thing in Esmorde to dust.

David discovers the Curse can only be broken by someone from his own world. Scorning his small size, the rulers of Esmorde don’t believe David can break the Curse himself, and instead send him on a perilous journey to the other side of Esmorde to the last remaining Door. His mission: to return home and bring back an adult to break the spell. Joined by Tahn the Dragonslayer, Jeeka, half-elf and apprentice to the highest ruler of Esmorde, and Scud, a scruffy peasant with a three-metre long tail, David must battle witches, dodge wyverns and outsmart dark fairies to reach the Second Door before it’s too late…

Will he make it home find the hero Esmorde needs in time?

And even if he does, will anyone believe him?

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Reviews from Goodreads

“I love children’s novels with strong child or teen protagonists who solve their own problems or issues without much, or any, intervention by adults. David and the Heart of Aurasius is one such book. David is the quintessential ‘quiet achiever’ who doubts his own abilities at times but through the encounters he faces in the parallel world in this book, manages to come into his own as ‘the boy who could’. As I read this book, I couldn’t help but draw comparisons with the ‘David vs Goliath’ biblical tale. David, a small boy, takes on a bigger, seemingly stronger opponent in the mythical Aurasius.
I read the Kindle version of this story and it is well written, engaging and entertaining. The characters are diverse, quirky and interesting. I look forward to reading the sequel in the near future.”
– Sharon L. Norris, children’s author

“Timmis has combined a vivid fantasy world with breath-taking, action-packed adventure into a page turner that will leave readers wanting more.”
– Peggy Tibbets, children’s author