Birthday: April 2
Age (Book One): Unknown
Species: Fire Dragon
Role: Dark Sorcerer
Eye Colour: Yellow with cat-like pupils
Scale Colour: Red
Place of Birth: The Moors of Dath


An enormous, fierce-looking red dragon with horns like elephant tusks, great spines protruding from his tail, and teeth that stick out at odd angles like a crocodile.


Obsessed with black magic, Aurasius was exiled from his own kind. His thirst for power and position led him to learn the ancient and forbidden secret of soul-stealing, which allowed him to suck the souls of his victims into his own heart. The practice made him practically invincible but also warped his mind, and in his madness he cast a spell on himself that would turn his heart into stone and continue to leech away the life of Esmorde…


Black magic, persuasion. Extremely cunning.


I will not be undone!