Elder Nei


Birthday: Unknown
Age (Book One): Unknown
Species: Unknown
Role: Elder of the Element of Water
Eye Colour: Liquid brown
Hair Colour: Bald on top with a long moustache
Place of Birth: The Evergreen


Tall, wears white robes and is often followed around by two incompetent guards in rusty armour.


As the oldest and only non-Wild Elder, Elder Nei is the highest ruler of Esmorde and resides over Hydrenia, the capital city, in the Temple of Water. He desires peace above all things. Calm, diplomatic and deeply reserved, he rules his Temple with the aid of his Counsel and treasured nori, Jeeka.


Diplomacy and reasoning. Unmatched power over the Element of Water, which he is loathe to ever use against another.

May also have the ability to change his form, although this is unconfirmed.


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