Champion dragonslayer or smouldering pile of lizard fodder? Take this quiz to see if you could win a fight against a dragon...

QUESTION ONE: How brave are you?

QUESTION TWO: Can you use a sword?

QUESTION THREE: How tall are you?

QUESTION FOUR: Do you have any prior experience fighting beasts, including: dragons, godzillas, giant sea serpents, mammoths, angry bears or overweight lunch ladies?

QUESTION FIVE: Have you ever been:
a) bitten by a radioactive spider?
b) in a lab accident involving gamma rays?
c) poisoned with mako (aka lifestream)?
d) used for scientific research that made you invincible? OR;
e) exposed to any other procedure or event that gave you super-human powers?

QUESTION SIX: Are you a zombie, vampire, ghost or other entity who could survive being crushed, burned or eaten by a dragon?

QUESTION SEVEN: Are you fireproof?

QUESTION EIGHT: Do you have a degree or equivalent training in fighting large, angry, fire-breathing beasts*?
*Qualifications in high school education are deemed acceptable.

QUESTION NINE: Can you fly?

QUESTION TEN: Do you have access to an army?