Writing is a hard slog, but promoting your own work is even tougher. As an indie author (i.e. independent author), I must fund all of the publishing costs for all of my books from my own pocket. This includes cover designs, professional editing, and a bunch of costs associated with legally setting up a manuscript as a published book. Then there’s printing, advertising, web hosting … the list goes on.

People often email me about when my next book is coming out, which is awesome, as it means they liked the book/s they’ve already read in the series. And I do try and get books written as fast as I can without sacrificing quality, but the painful lag between each book is due mainly to the fact I need to work a regular(ish) job to pay the bills.

That’s where you come in! You can make the gap between each new book a little shorter by doing any of the following:

  • Buy a book. Every dollar I make on a book sale is a dollar that can support me while I write the next one.
  • Ask your local library to stock my books. This is free for you, gives others the chance to read my books, plus I actually earn royalties each time someone borrows a book. How cool is that!
  • Ask your school/kid’s school if they would like to invite me to do an author presentation. I run presentations and workshops on creative writing and illustrating. You can have a squiz at my author website for more info about that.
  • Write a review. Amazon.com is probably the best place for reviews these days, but you can also post reviews on GoodReads or on my author website. Reviews make a big difference in encouraging other readers to give a book a try. On Amazon especially they play a HUGE part in your book’s ranking.

If you have a nifty idea on how to help indie authors like me, feel free to leave a comment 🙂