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An epic adventure begins...

Twelve year old David Flynn hates being small. He hates being shy. And when his parents dump him at his Grandma's bushland property for the Christmas holidays, he hates being David.

Only when he discovers a hidden path in the overgrown backyard do things seem to take a turn for the better. Despite Grandma's grim warnings, David can't help but feel a strange curiosity about the place, and one morning sneaks away to find out what lies at the end of the mysterious track. There amid the gums he makes a remarkable discovery... a shining Doorway into another world.

Spurred on by a mischevious lorikeet, David walks through the light and into the wild and magic-filled world of Esmorde, only to have the Doorway collapse behind him. Things grow worse when he discovers the world is slowly turning to dust under the Curse of dragon sorcerer Aurasius... a Curse only breakable by a hero from David's own world.

Will David make it home to find the hero that will save Esmorde? And why does everyone seem so intent on stopping him?


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"LOVE the series!" - Shauna, Queensland

"Finished the book, yay, loved it, reading it for the 2nd time." - Chris, Queensland

"When is book two coming out?!" - Debbie, Mt Gravatt

"I've really enjoyed the story. I can't put it down!" - Adele, Victoria

"Great characters! I love Grandma." - Finn, Mornington

"How funny are Zandar and Thebes!" - Levi, Queensland